Admire Zidane Career, AC Milan Legend Want To Be A Coach?

Admire Zidane Career, AC Milan Legend Want To Be A Coach?

Ricardo Kaka said if he has lost the feeling of happiness while playing football Therefore, the former AC Milan player was considering retiring from the world of football.

The player who won the Ballon d’Or award, also revealed will imitate the career of Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane .

“To do it like Zidane is a great idea, he stops, takes some time again, decides if it is something he really enjoys, learns, conducts courses, builds his way,” said the former AC Milan midfielder.

“I’m like that too, now there are people who believe that I’m ready,” said the Brazilian-born man

Currently, Kaka played for Orlando City since 2014 ago. The Major League Soccer (MLS) club has even offered Kaka a new contract for 2018.

According to Chief Executive of the Club, Alex Leitao, the Brazilian, has expressed his desire to play another season.

However, Kaka said if he could follow the footsteps of his teammate first in AC Milan, Andrea Pirlo. The Italian has announced he will retire after his contract expires in New York City in December.


“I finished the game and felt very sick, my body started to feel it, and it no longer makes me feel happy,” Kaka said as quoted by Sky Sports.

“The kids can play today and tomorrow, I’m 35 years old, it takes me longer to recover, it’s a different rhythm, you can feel when the time comes,” said the former AC Milan star.

Kaka won the Champions League and Serie A while at AC Milan. He then signed a contract with Real Madrid in 2009. When playing for Madrid, the attacking midfielder struggled to get into the core team at the Bernabeu. After four uniformed seasons Madrid, Kaka decided to return to Milan before finally moving to the United States.