Ricuh After Game Madura United Vs Borneo FC, The Referee So Goals

League 1 continued match between Madura United against Borneo FC, Friday (10/13/2017) night, at the Stadium Gelora Ratu Pamelingan, ended chaos. The chaos began as the referee Hasan Akrami blew the whistle of the game that ended 1-1 away.

As reported by BolaSport.com, the riot is suspected because Madura United supporters are not satisfied with the leadership of referee Hasan Akrami, as well as two assistants Alireza Liderom and Hasan Zahiri. One of the men dressed in white, not yet known whether club officials or supporters, seen trying to kick the referee in the middle of the field.

When Hasan Akrami ran off the field, a man dressed in black and dressed in jeans, had a chance to kick. The Iranian referee faded away from the field to avoid unwanted events.

The disgraceful action was made after the referee blew the long whistle marking the end of the match between Laskar Sape Kerrap and Borneo FC. Not yet clear what the motive that caused the chaos after the game witnessed 6,062 spectators.

What is clear, like a lot of news that sticking out, the supporters can not accept the leadership of the referee. Previously, throughout the second half of the game had several times seen the incident throwing bottles that were sent from the stands of Madura United supporters.

Not only that, Hasan Akrami who was running his task led the game also had several times attacked with laser beam spotlight.

Peak, the second yellow card incident against Dane Milovanovic made the emotions of Saft Kerrap Laskar supporters overflowing.

In a match that lasted the heat, Madura United failed to convince his supporters after only able to draw with Borneo FC 1-1.

Madura United ahead ahead of Borneo FC goal by Fachrudin Aryanto in the 34th minute. Flavio Junior likened it in the 62nd minute.

With this result, Madura United failed to reduce the distance from the left corner of Bhayangkara FC.

Madura United in third position with a score of 53 of 29 matches.

Bhayangkara FC still leads the standings of League 1 with a score of 59 of 28 matches. Borneo FC in ninth position with a value of 40.

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