This is what will be done Persib When Challenging Persela

Could reap scorn because only able to play a draw in some home games, make squad Persib Bandung determined to rise when facing Persela Lamongan in Surajaya Stadium, Sunday (22/10/2017) afternoon

No half-hearted, although going to play at the headquarters Persela, Persib target achievement maximum points in the game. In fact, in a few games both teams at the Stadium Surajaya, yet once Maung Bandung team managed to win the game.

“In the last few games, we did draw a lot, including the last at home against Madura United,” said assistant coach Herrie Setyawan Persib in a press conference before the game on Saturday (21/10/2017).

“On that basis, we are all determined to come to Lamongan to get maximum points. We need to do the maximum because Persela can not be taken lightly. We have to work hard to face Persela, “he said.

Herrie along with the ranks of the team coach Persib, also has been warned his students to anticipate the motivation of Persela players who often appear spartan while playing in front of the supporters themselves. Moreover, the motivation of Laskar Joko Tingkir team is predicted to increase after departure to the late Choirul Huda.

“We came to Lamongan already anticipating their game. We will still give the best for Persib, so at least have to face Persela total, “he said.

No less important, according to Herrie, Persib mutual defense in the face of strikes of Persela strikers, which is reinforced by Samsul Arif Munip ex Persib players.

“Samsul Arif has the skills, speed and intelligence. We have to anticipate the game Samsul Arif. There is a special custody for Samsul Arif. Only, we have to concentrate and focus not only on Samsul, but all Persela players should be anticipated for having speed, “he said.

Determination to give the best to Persib in a match against Persela, also said by Supardi Nasir. Defender of this wing asserted, all players are ready to spend all Persib’s best ability when facing Persela.

“I represent players, all players are determined to provide the maximum game in the field. We know, the team is now not good, but all the players are not injured and come to Lamongan with determination to win the game, “said Supardi.

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